Petersen Landscaping and Design - Tree and Shrub Planting in Cheshire County NH

Tree and Shrub Planting Services

We work with the best local nurseries to insure that our clients receive the highest quality plantings available. We custom design all planting jobs to incorporate balance, color, shape, and layout to make sure all landscapes are aesthetically pleasing and completely functional. All plantings are hand chosen by Petersen Landscaping to ensure our customers get exactly what they want.

Having proper knowledge of all plantings insures our clients will receive the best planting services in the Southern NH and Keene NH areas. Proper tree/shrub placement and installation practices make sure all plantings remain healthy and are installed in the correct locations.

Every property and landscape is unique and may require certain plantings to incorporate proper sun shading, personal privacy, and balance in planting design. We work with every client to make sure every planting job is custom designed and professionally installed. All installations are performed with the correct soils, fertilizers, and finished off with the best mulches.

Our landscape design services incorporate trees, shrubs, and flowers in every design. Please visit our landscape planning page to read more about our landscape design services in the Cheshire County NH area.

If you have any questions regarding our tree and shrub planting services or more information about nursery stock plantings in the keene area please contact us!

Petersen Landscaping and Design - Landscapers in Cheshire County NH Petersen Landscaping and Design - Landscapers in Cheshire County NH